Post Seminar Report

The XP Seminar of the 9th-10th October concluded on a great high! With over 75 attendees from 18 companies present XP will now embed into the NZ software industry. Kent was great – many thanks for your lead contribution and the informal contribution in, shall we say, the social scene. Thanks to Steve Hayes for his calm assurance that XP works in practice. Thanks to Brian Dollery for his zany approach to the subject but convincing explanation that XP is the way to go. And to Frank Chan for his review of legal issues – watch this space for more in this area – we hope to end up with a model contract suitable for Open Scope contracts. Thank you Hesketh Henry – great to know that there are lawyers out there that understand IT and in particular XP. The Where Next session ended up with initial ideas for creating an XP group in Wellington as well as Auckland and possibly in Christchurch. This site will be used by all and multiple authoring will be enabled together with Commentary. We are looking for Agent Provocateurs to start the discussion threads and to begin to look at posting Standards. Kent has agreed to keep in touch with us and feed us the odd tid-bit of wisdom from the field. We are on a roll – get XP into all your development – may you get as much work as you can possibly handle – and remember to advertise for more staff mentioning XP in the adverts.

Regards Ian Mitchell.

Download Seminar’s PPT’s:

XP Overview – Ian Mitchell (PPT – 158kb)

Test First Programming – Rick Mugridge (PPT – 99kb)

XP on Wall Street – Steve Hayes (PPT – 62kb)

Customer On-Site – Ian Mitchell (PPT – 60kb)

All the Rest – Ian Mitchell (PPT – 117kb)

U of A XP Course – Rick Mugridge (PPT – 67kb)

XP CONFERENCE 2001 – Frank Chan (PPT – 88.5kb)

See theOriginal Seminar Announcement

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