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Why Extreme Programming

Software development projects are challenging! Many are technically very sophisticated. Many require the implementation of new business models and new business processes. Change Management will be an issue. How do we maximise our chances of success? How do we minimise the project risk?

Extreme Programming arose from technical experts acknowledging that some projects become Death Marches - simply go on until everyone dies.

These experts took all the practices of software development on which there was a strong consensus that they always worked and did these to the Extreme. Thus software is tested repeatedly every day. Defect-free code is a given. Customers are shown results every day. Deliveries are made at very short intervals so that the customer could give frequent feedback and keep the project on target.

Programming is also in the name because the contractual deliverable is usually Programs.

To deal with any missing components in the development methodology we turn to common sense and adopt a set of Values - Communication, Simplicity, Feedback and Courage!

The methodology allows the user to change the requirements because that is real! XP expects to achieve many small but useful deliverables to meet the speed of change in an Internet world.

In the end we all want simple defect-free code which meets the users requirements to be delivered quickly and economically.

Extreme Programming addresses these goals. [Extreme Programming is not suitable for all projects.]

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