NZ Developers

A NZ software company told me a few years back that software development costs in NZ were only about 15% of US costs.

My experience makes me believe this.

Of course about 60% is due to our poor dollar.

But that still leaves a good margin – and I believe it is because of some national attitudes.

Then kiwis I have worked with in NZ tend to be very bright which means quick learners! Our tech talent tends to end up in IT whereas in the USA it has to get spread into lots of engineering and tech industries.

Then we have a tradition of direct speech – saying what we mean, being open, listening!

Then we know that to achieve much you need high energy and to commit – bungy jumping is about Doing IT and doing it NOW.

Rugby is a team game – most of the game is played from set moves where everyone knows their own play. We can co-operate and work together.

But we also know that many tries come from individual plays – someone has got to break the advantage line. But individual flair is often not enough. We know that when the flair happens some of us must re-position to support the ball-carrier and some must move to provide cover.

I have often talked to the team and found that bright ideas are just flowing over and falling on the floor. But the team can take them up and make them happen.

And we are great at finding “spike” solutions – often I have said to developers “We don’t know whether that will work” and three hours later someone says “I have written a bit of code and I know how to do that” – brilliant solutions in minutes or just an hour or two.

We also know that a great team needs a Captain, a Coach and a Manager as well as the players.

We believe that simple solutions are best – Number 8 fencing wire is still a very useful analogy.

We also have an education system which believes people should not just know HOW to do something but should also know WHY that is the best way to do it – then we can vary it and be innovative in the solution we develop.

We have an advantage in that our qualifications are recognised world-wide and it is also a huge advantage to have English as a first language.

And we are not into CYA and internal competition.

And finally we know that the only source of funds is a satisfied customer who has received a great product that works and does just what they need.

Pity about the lack of capital!

Kiwis – go to it – you can make it happen!

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