The raison d’être of a manager is to make it happen, whatever it is. The manager decides that the project will proceed and puts in place the team and resources. The manager demonstrates their commitment to the project by their every action and word. The manager surfaces the vision for the project and clarifies the business objective. The manager brings the team together and helps them meld into a smoothly operating team. The manager does not participate in the development process. If the team shows signs of not functioning well then the manager may intervene.  Top


The manager co-ordinates the activity and ensures that key activities occur. Be present at the daily stand-up meeting.  Top


Reporting in XP is minimal but essential. The key reporting is how many User Stories have been implemented in the last release and which User Stories will be in which future release and their approximate dates.  Top


A manager must plan the rewards for success and for brilliant success and then deliver it.  Top

Remove Obstacles

Above all the manager must remove all obstacles external to the team including failure of the users to agree on the User Stories and their relative priorities. Michael Hammer introduced the concept of Manager as Blockbuster. The role applies here.  Top

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