Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell is a well-known practitioner in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ian first programmed in Fortran at University in 1962. He was involved in generating Random Numbers and in proving the results were indeed random.

But software methodologies are not about producing random results.

Ian has been involved in the design and management of many projects some of them in excess of a million lines of code.

First there was the Waterfall Method – required by the US DoD. Then I went to a seminar by Barry Boehm on the Spiral Method. And I heard Fred Brooks deliver his great paper “There is no Silver Bullet”.

As an early believer in Software Engineering I am familiar with many techniques.

I have met the early developers of Unix, PL/1, Informix database and many others.

I presented to NZCS members an early version of the product now known as Rational Rose. I have even specified an OO language.

I have been invited to lecture at Universities on Software Engineering, IS Management (MBA) and IS Strategy.

I have strong knowledge and experience in business models and processes and how these are enhanced by IT.

But now I am an advocate for Extreme Programming. I have supervised teams of programmers in excess of 20.

I know what works and why! Recently I gave a presentation on Extreme Programming to the NZCS.

Many sent comments to say my presentation was “inspirational”.

I look forward to working with many clients mentoring developers and management on software development methodologies.

I look forward to an opportunity to support you in the adoption of techniques which will improve your record for delivering timely, defect-free code which satisfies the user.

Please contactIan@Mitchell.co.nz.

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