Coding Standards

Because the code is going to be read by any member of the greater team we need standards.

The standards must cover style – because human beings read code by first seeing the layout which shows the code blocks and the subordination of some blocks to prior logical statements.

Then we read the syntax and hence understand the semantics. We need standards to describe the FACE and then the pre- and post-assertions. We need naming conventions. We need comment conventions. We need agreement on how we handle exceptions. Finally we need conventions on how to document the code as we go in a form that will allow a documentor to extract a precise description of the functionality even if in a form that needs re-writing.

See Coding Standards for Java.

Coding Standards for Delphi are available from Borland.

Standards should also cover the tools we use for coverage analysis, CPU analysis and change tracking.

Besides code we need standards for the Build, Installers and documentation including screen-shots.

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